OEM Stealth

This GLE came to us to offer full protection against laser and radar. We used our Escort / AL Priority package in order to give him the best defense.Starting with the front end, there are three ALP sensors within the bumper. The TX Sensor is located next to the front camera. We created an IR Acrylic cover to completely conceal this sensor. An acrylic housing was made a little lower to hold two ALP RX sensors. A IR acrylic trim was then made to cover the sensors. Our Escort radar receiver was then mounted under the driver headlight, just above the bumper. A magnetic license plate frame was created for a screwless mounting option.

On the rear, a custom license plate frame was created to house two ALP RX sensors. An IR acrylic cover was created to conceal the sensors. This piece magnetically attaches to the frame for easy serviceability.

The Escort Max Ci display was installed into a custom housing behind a smoked acrylic window. This gives a very OEM appearance when looking at the dash. This display is completely gloss black when the unit is off, showing no signs of a system being installed. We also integrated the ALP LED into this display.

In the console, a housing was made to conceal the Escort and ALP controllers. This uses an acrylic magnetic cover (finished in Alcantara suede) to conceal the controllers when not in use. This also gives the appearance of no signs of a system being installed in the vehicle.