OEM Stealth

To fly under the radar, we used a combination of AL Priority for laser defense and Escort Max Ci for front and rear radar detection. The front bumper consisted of two TX and two RX diffusers. This covered the front end of the vehicle 100%. We did over 10 passed and tested with our Dragon Eye gun and received 0 punch throughs. The diffusers were installed in custom pods that were integrated into the front bumper grille. These pods were finished off with IR acrylic to completely stealth them into the bumper. A custom license plate frame was made for the rear to house in a single RX and TX laser diffuser. The frame consists of a magnetic cover to hide the outline of the license plate as well as the laser diffusers. This plate frame was also designed with Jokers tagline “ha ha ha”.An Escort radar receiver was use in the front and rear of the vehicle installed behind the bumper. A custom housing was made for the Escort display that was installed over the speedometer cluster. The pod was finished off with smoked acrylic to give the Escort display an OEM appearance. Finally, a custom housing was fabricated for the center console to contain the AL Priority and Escort controllers. A magnetic Alcantara suede cover was used to conceal these controllers when not in use.