“To create is an art. To create exceptional audio is Musaic.”


At Musaic Audiophile Design, we create an unmatched audiophile experience while engineering the equipment seamlessly into the vehicles design. We engineer each build specifically for each client which means no two cars are ever the same, keeping each design exclusive.

Just because you have not heard believable audio in a car, does not mean it does not exist. We have the knowledge and experience in creating the best environment for each vehicle. With our knowledge in DSP (Digital Sound Processor) tuning, we can create a real life concert atmosphere. 

Don’t settle with the so called “upgraded sound” that many manufacturers charge thousands of dollars for. Most of the time, this involves adding a bigger paper and plastic mid bass driver and subwoofer, which only adds more distortion. Consumers often mistake bass and distortion for a louder and more full audio system. 

If you can sit in your driver’s seat and listen to your favorite song, but cannot tell where each member of the band was standing when the song was recorded, you can do better. If you can sit in your driver’s seat and hear where each speaker in located, you can do better. If a guitar and kick drum do not sound like the real thing, you can do better. When you are exposed to something you have yet to experience, you become captivated.

Think about the last TV you purchased. At some point you looked at it and thought it looked amazing. In fact, it was an upgrade to what you had prior. You experienced something better, which put what you had into perspective. With video, we see the latest and greatest at the movies, stores and bars year after year. We are exposed to what the current standard is. With audio, it becomes much more difficult. Most clients pinnacle may be their upgraded Burmester Porsche audio system. For us, it is nails on a chalk board….the VHS of our 4k standard. However, if that is the best that client has experienced, they may be thrilled with it. That is until they have a new standard. We are here to educate you along the way and show that it gets leaps and bounds better than your upgraded OE audio system.

We want you to stop listening in black and white, and start listening in color.

Matt Schaeffer
Lead Fabricator

Nick Wingate on the 2019 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Build:

Well I listened to the Cadillac earlier this week and it’s in my top 3 vehicles sound wise in my 34 years of judging or competing in IASCA or USACi. Emotionally, its the most involving I’ve ever heard. It sounds like extreme high end home audio. Three dimensionality is amazing. Depth, height, and width through the roof! Best sub-bass to mid-bass transition I’ve heard in a long time. Tool is an experience and this vehicle plays classical music better than any car audio system I have EVER HEARD! Holy shit! The Vikings from Reference Recordings pomp and pipes is epic! Control with depth of a pipe organ playing below 31Hz is something you have to experience in this vehicle! Well done Matt!

Nick Wingate
National Sales & Training
ORCA Design & Manufacturing

Meet Our Team

Brian Layton

2019 Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year
2018 Mobile Electronics Expeditor of the Year
2018 Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year Runner-Up
2014 Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year

1 (833) 468-7242 x101 | brian@musaicdesign.com

Brian’s passion for Rock N’ Roll music was instilled at an early age. Brian’s father, Bruce, is an avid drummer,  focusing heavily on music from the 70’s. Great music selection, accurate sound reproduction, and a passion for automobiles morphed into his Mobile Electronics career. While earning an Accounting Degree from Salisbury University, his industry experience dates back to the late 1998. Brian’s greatest accomplishment came in the form of the ultimate team award in August 2014; Sound FX was named the nation’s Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year. Brian is thankful for the many friendships along the way, from clients and employees alike.

Matt Schaeffer

2019 Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year
2016 Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year
2015 Installer of the Year Runner-Up

1 (302) 729-2495 | matt@musaicdesign.com

Matt Schaeffer is an accomplished and recognized custom installation professional, carrying ASE and MECP Master certifications. He specializes in designing and building premium in-vehicle entertainment systems that meld with the factory-installed style and function while improving the driving experience with the latest technology. His work encompasses daily drivers and exotic vehicles alike, and has been featured in magazines around the world. Videos of the vehicle’s he’s transformed have been viewed more than three million times on YouTube.

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