Here at Musaic Design, we pride ourselves in having one of the nation’s best fabrication facilities. When you enter our fab shop, you will notice a surgical environment. This well lit, strategically organized area is imperative to achieving the highest level of detail. We utilize the most current technology and tooling to achieve that OEM fit and finish.

We Protect Your Investment

    When you car is pulled into our bay, it is immediately wrapped in automotive protective films. These interior and exterior films provide a second skin to protect the vehicle from potential damage. When parts are removed from the vehicle, the parts go right on a storage rack trimmed with padding.  When clips and bolts are removed from the car, they are cataloged into labeled parts bag. We are not the shop the finishes the installation with extra bolts. In most cases, the clips on your car are one time use. We replace these with brand new clips on reassembly so your interior looks like it did when it came off the lot. We understand this process is just as important as the installation itself. Your car is a huge investment and our investment in protecting it from damage comes first.

Dust Collection

To keep sterile fabrication environment, we run a high horsepower dust collector. No one wants dust particles making it’s way to all parts of your vehicle when its disassembled. We have our collector networked to each of our tools that would create debris. Each tool uses a motorized blast gate that opens up the airflow to that tool alone for maximum suction.

Bandsaw and Router Stations

These tools allow us to shape and contour different materials we use. The most common materials we utilize are PVC, Acrylic, Aluminum, and Baltic Birch. Using composites and other all-weather materials means that the installation is up to manufacture standards. Everything you see us create come from raw materials. Having a row a routers give us the ability to have an assembly line for part making. Each carbide router bit has a different cut. Moving down the line in production gives us the ability to work extremely efficient and clutter free. This is where your part goes from 2D to 3D.

CNC Laser Tooling

Technology is king when it comes to vehicle design. That is how the manufacture does it, so why not us?. We utilize a Trotec laser machine to create perfect precision parts to fit your vehicle. Functionality and serviceability always comes first when we design. Using CAD software, we have the ability to design and see how the product will work and mount before we create the part. Even on the most basic job, this machine will be working hard to give you a tailored installation for your vehicle.