Richard K. – Tesla Model S Plaid

“I recently underwent an audio upgrade for my 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid at Musaic, and the results are truly outstanding. Sourced from elite brands like Helix, Mosconi, Focal, XS Power, AudioQuest, Astell&Kern, and Stinger, the new system takes my Plaid’s sound quality to a competition-level echelon. Not only does the bass like I want without a trace of rattling—thanks to the skillful sound treatment—but the highs and mids are impeccably balanced. The installation process, led by Matt, was another highlight. His attention to detail and craftsmanship were so remarkable that the fabrication looks like a factory-grade finish.
What sets this installation apart further is Matt’s expertise with the complex electronics of Tesla vehicles. It’s not easy to find an installer who knows how to navigate these intricacies, and Matt proved to be the ideal choice for such a technologically advanced car. The entire process, from initial email to final pick-up, was lengthy but worth every moment, reflecting Matt’s commitment to delivering a personalized and flawless installation. The improved audio has not only elevated my everyday drives but has also turned my garage into an intimate concert hall for Tiny Desk date nights with my wife. I already loved driving my Tesla, but now I look forward to getting behind the yoke more than ever. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a transformative audio experience.”

Marty M. – Tesla Model X

“I am enjoying my system immensely, and now the pain of the check is far behind me, I don’t regret the cost for a minute. Many have said that it sounds better than their home systems. In particular, the soundstage with the angles speakers is breathtakingly good. A friend was demoing a DAC at a dealer who had a $300k system set up and while it had fantastic detail and bass, it really didn’t soundstage very well, as was obvious when we got back into my car.”

Rex V. – Tesla Model 3

“Installing one of the biggest mods in the build meant going to one of the biggest names in the audiophile world. I wanted something unique in the car show scene, with stunning visuals, but also having great quality audio. Matt had full creativity to go wild, and he certainly delivered! Having the Tesla Tequila hovering over the focal Utopia subwoofer was one of the first of its kind, and really made it a ‘focal’ point in the trunk. The whole setup is very dimensional with the different layers of acrylic, foam, and carbon fiber. The experience starts with the first phone call, as Matt will take the time to listen to what you have envisioned while also offering his recommendations. I had the opportunity to demo nearly the same equipment in a Tesla Model S Plaid, so I had an idea of what my car would end up sounding like. He will accommodate drop off/pickup times throughout the week, as I’ve had to workaround for SEMA. A loaner car will also be provided throughout the duration of the installation. He will update you throughout the process, sending teaser pics and short videos. It really made me feel comfortable with my investment knowing that a lot of thought and care was placed.

I was blown away when seeing the final product in person! The custom black alcantara headliner and dash really changed the interior feel of the car. The custom carbon accented A-pillars came out amazing, as I can’t help but stare at them as i’m in the driver’s seat. The added XKGLOW lighting makes my car the perfect “rave car” as my friends like to call it. Never have I imagined, car audio to sound like this. Matt’s craftsmanship has seriously brought my car to another level, and I would highly recommend those that are looking into car audio Matt’s way.”

Eric M. – Tesla Model S

“The pictures are great but they do not do justice to the sound and the quality of the work. I guess you can see the quality from the pictures but you have to sit inside the car to experience how amazing it sounds. Matt is a true artist and focused on every single detail. Kept in touch with me every step of the way considering the fact that my car was the first refreshed S to get an audio system upgrade of this level. I am smart enough to know that these cars are complicated and I couldn’t just take it to any shop out there. I did my research, found the best around and chose the person I felt most comfortable with to do the job right. Outside of the fact it was a 4 hour drive each way to Delaware for me, I am extremely glad I made the decision to work with Matt on the design and build. For those that live far away, they really make things much easier by staying on task, strong communication and offer a loaner car for the time your car is with Matt and his team. Wish I could have been able to do this when I really was into the hobby when I was much younger.”

Anderson R. – BMW X4M3

“I asked for a clean stealth installation and that’s exactly what Matt delivered. He was available and responsive before and throughout the build. He started on-time and completed on-time as promised. His incredible attention to detail is absolutely amazing. Whatever they tell you, “It” is in the details and Matt doesn’t miss any of them. The project delivered was above and beyond my expectations.

It’s always a pleasure and somewhat refreshing working with someone that takes pride in their work, and this was no exception. Matt is one of the finest and most talented modern craftsmen I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with and I would recommend him to anyone with great confidence.”

AJ V.  – Tesla Model 3

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Matt and the team at SoundFX / Musaic Design. From the very first call I had with Matt, I knew he was the man to go to. He was patient and took the time to explain to me how the Model 3 would be wired up to support an aftermarket audio build without throwing 12v errors.

When I decided to make the 4 hour drive to meet him in person for a demo, he again took about an hour out of his busy day to make sure he answered all of my questions and also look over my car.  This made me feel extremely comfortable in that he knew what he was doing and that he would be able to use his artistic imagination to finish off my show car build with an audio system that would fit the design and finish the build.  Matt was able to accommodate to my hectic schedule to drop off and pick up the car.

While he was working his magic, Matt always kept in touch with me regarding progress, adjustments to the build (both my requests and his recommendations), teaser pics, and setting expectations for completion.  Matt is a true artist, his design, fabrication, tuning skills, and consultive customer service approach are matched by no other.

The quality of audio is simply mind blowing and the aesthetics of the build is 1000000% pure eye candy.  Hats off to you Matt, thank you for the fantastic work. It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of.”

Justin H.  – Cadillac Escalade

“I waited a while to write this, because if a picture is worth 1000 words? There aren’t enough pictures in the world to sum up this creation, so the words surely don’t exist.

This was a plan that took years. Matt’s work exceeded my awareness of the possibilities by so much? I needed time. Finally I decided on a brand new Escalade Platinum Edition to house my mobile reference studio.

Many have looked at my build and assumed I’m super wealthy, and it was “just a throw too much capital at it” situation. In reality it was a very calculated series of decisions. The only sudden splurge, was adding the Stealth system. And I’ll never regret that one for a moment, I’ll tell you that.

I’ve never bought a brand new vehicle, and am ocd on a level it’s difficult to explain. Many assumed I was preparing to destroy myself over the flaws when it was done, after all; if you’re not familiar with the new generation Escalade, the fit and finish, materials, everything is absolutely flawless.

The precision of the interior now? Is on an even higher level. I use the word precision because it’s describing incredibly complex fitment issues. Such as fitting two 8” Utopias in each front door, without creating contact issues anywhere using the doors.

Another huge area of brilliance is in what’s concealed, and what’s displayed. The main cabin in the Escalade already has a spaceships allocation of lights and controls. However everything is very subtle when dimmed, the controls themselves blacked out when off.

Everything Matt added up front is either concealed, matched such as my Mosconi controller being covered in matching Alcantara, then the original logo and design cues laser etched back on; or completely fluid with the factory design. All the way down to the accent lights in the door housings to match the oem accent lighting throughout the truck.

The sound stage is absolutely magnificent, it doesn’t matter what you throw at it. The true beauty of the finished system, is the lack of adjustments. There is an individual gain for the subwoofers in the Mosconi DSP, but even that the range is generally either 11 or 12.

Because everything is dialed in for faithful reference, and the adjustments no longer a concern, I can just enjoy anything at will. I listen to a bit of everything old and new, and having to deal with settings changes has always been the downside.

It actually touches on why I’m on my third Escalade, particularly the 2016 and 2019 Platinum editions. Unlike a multitude of other vehicles in that range, the required setting inputs at any time are virtually non-existent. And by required, I mean turning the refrigerated console or massaging seats on, purely creature comforts.

Same with the audio system, unless you want to add bass, leave it on 11 and enjoy. Considering the absolutely epic proportions of it in every way, it’s difficult to believe at times.

The separation of instrumentation and vocals, the size of the sound stage, I remember moments of greatness similar years ago with giant high quality audio installations. But only with certain music, at certain times, usually sitting still dialing everything in. But even different songs on the same album, more often than not, it would be just off immediately.

Very rarely in my pursuit of custom vehicles, motorcycles, home audio as well have I witnessed true “turn-key” delivery of a product. Everything in every way, well it was identical to delivery day when the Cadillac came. Nobody expected me to master a new language and become my own master tech; I just got to suddenly have this amazing new experience in my life any time I choose.

The stealth radar system is incredible, I feel funny talking about it because people don’t even believe me frequently! I know I’ve hit a milestone in life when my vehicle is capable of things that are beyond most peoples knowledge and belief of, well current vehicle capabilities.

It’s a very anxiety crushing situation not having to feel like a teenager sneaking out of his parents house when the lights come on frequently. My best example are areas with unrealistically low limits that go up 10 a few times then down a few, back and forth. No one pays attention, and occasionally it suddenly seems to matter.

Really the entire ridiculous game of being hunted with little guns by what to me are frequently children. I have a perfect record, no accidents charged against me in my life. I’ve discovered that my actual attention to driving is massively increased, because I’m not senselessly watching all the usual hiding spots; while frequently being tailgated for obeying the limit.

Now that I can just drive, and unless I’m obviously out of control and a danger? Life out there behind the wheel is an all new experience. One that’s all mine, because you can’t even tell there’s a system in play.

There really aren’t enough words to express what she is as a whole, the closest actually I first heard from Matt during the design phase; “A bright spot in your universe”, and she is definitely that.”

Fan X.  – Porsche GT3

Like most guys who are into cars, we are also into car stereo. Since my first new car, a BMW 330ci after graduating medical school, I have been obsessed with aftermarket sound system for my car. Although because of life and work I have had a break from modding my car’s sound system for about 5 years. Recently I was fortunate enough to acquire a car I dreamt of since I was a kid. A Porsche 911, and not just any 911, a GT3.

Now most of you car enthusiasts know that while the GT3 is an amazing driving / racing machine. Its sound system has a lot to be desired. So after owning the car for about a year I started searching for a shop and a installer who I can trust with this amazing car to put in a sound system that would do the GT3 justice.

I found Matt first via his youtube channel. After watching several of his videos, I reached out to Matt. He was extremely knowledgeable and after discussing options with him I decided to visit his shop for a demo. When I went to his shop, there was the Escalade that Matt was just finishing. The sound in that truck took my breath away while I was demoing the sound system with Matt.

From there it was just a matter of scheduling with Matt. He took the time to listen to me and my desire to have the system and enclosure to be true to a Porsche’s design philosophy. If you look at the pictures posted and watch the video you will see the amount of time and energy Matt spent designing the system. The sub enclosure and amp rack are at once industrial and organic with flowing shapes and lines. The materials used were exactly the same as other materials already in the car’s interior.

Sitting down and listening to music from the system is like therapy for me after a long day’s work. The sound I dare say is better than the main hi fi stereo I have at home. If you are at all interested in creating the ultimate car sound system, you cannot go wrong with choosing Matt.

Martin E.  – Tesla Model X

“Matt Schaeffer of Musaic Design was recommended to me by one of the Tesla service managers as a system designer/installer who had experience with Tesla installations.  The reason I was looking into custom installers was my dissatisfaction with the factory system installed in my 2019 Tesla Dual Motor Model X.

I reached out to Matt and spoke to him about my desire to upgrade the factory sound system in my car.  He was extremely informative and knowledgeable and obviously had extensive experience with Teslas and other high end car designs/installations.  He told me to check out his website because he had videos and pictures of past installations posted there.  He also promised me a quote within a week which would include at least three options at different price points and that we could talk through each of them and together we could decide what best suited my needs.

Matt delivered the quote to me in the timeframe he had promised and I was certainly impressed with the videos and pictures on his website.  We worked together to craft a custom design for my car and desires and I engaged Matt to perform my installation.

I happen to live about three hours from Matt’s shop so I drove my car to his shop and met with him to review the installation.  We made a couple of last minute tweaks to the design and I signed the paperwork and left my Tesla in Matt’s hands.  He provided me a loaner car for the duration of the installation.

When I returned to pick up my car, I was flabbergasted by the amazing sound coming from my car.  The system was able to reproduce sounds I had never heard before from any system, including fancy home and live venue systems.  In addition, the integration with the Tesla operating system was so well designed and thought out, it worked better than the factory system.

The final surprise was the installation of the equipment running the system.  Matt had masterfully designed a false bottom in the well in the back of my car for all of the necessary equipment which allowed me to continue to use all of the cargo space in my car, including the well.

If you have a strong appreciation for music quality and want to have a life-altering system in your car, Matt is your man!”

Andrew D. – Tesla P100D

“I recommend Matt Schaefer at Sound FX. Period. Full stop.  Matt is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly, an artist. You can find many installers who know the electronics and how to produce great sound. What sets Matt apart is that he is also an expert in fabrication. Matt combines his expertise across multiple disciplines with amazing results.

I have a 2016 Tesla Model S P100D. It’s red with a white interior. I love the white interior, but as you can imagine, it takes a bit of additional love and care. When I first starting talking to Matt about adding an aftermarket system to my car, I was not planning on investing much on the aesthetics. Sound quality was far more important to me, and I didn’t want to diverge too far away from OEM and take away from the white interior.

That all changed once I saw pictures of Matt’s prior work, and he started to describe to me his vision which included using materials that matched the red and white of my car. His work sold itself. Admittedly, I spent more than I had originally planned, but I’m glad that I did. The audio system is the best I’ve ever heard in a Tesla, and the design of the amp rack and pillars is amazing. I’m very involved in the Tesla community, so my car is seen by a lot of people. Anyone who has any interest in aftermarket audio has walked away impressed (or perhaps depressed after they get back into their car with the OEM audio system).

I’ve sent several people to Matt, many of whom have never installed an aftermarket system before. Matt listens to what the customer wants. He won’t try the hard sell, but if you ask him, he’ll give you options and explain the tradeoffs.  If you’re considering an aftermarket system and want something more than basic components thrown together, give Matt at Sound FX a call. And if you’re a Tesla owner and don’t already know who I am or how to find me, call Matt and he’ll put us in touch. I’m happy to give demos.”

Chris H. – Lexus GS350 F Sport

HOLY COW! Totally mind blowing!

My complete build out consists of Focal Utopia, Mosconi Amps, Illusion Subs, and an Astell & Kern Hi-Res player. I feel like I just walked into a studio session. It is truly unbelievable how all of my favorite artists now sound. This upgraded system makes me feel like I am in a new car!

I have never enjoyed an experience in my life as was given to me by Team Musaic. These guys have now have become part of my family, so I want to say Thank You!!!

I look forward to working together again soon. Your friend, Moe.

Helder C. – BMW X5

“I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and the team down in Lewes to drop off and sometime later (4wks), pick up my vehicle.  Can’t say enough about their hospitality, their professionalism and Matt’s incredible abilities.  His work, his creativity and the fact that he is just a super human being are reasons why I drove 10 hours to get him, and it was going to be only him, to work on my truck.  Matt, rest assured, next vehicle i get, I will come and find you.  Thanks again for the wonder looking, but most importantly, AMAZING sound system. Keep it up and you will be so busy I will need to book 2 years in advance…..:)”

Shane L. – Chevy Callaway Camaro

“Spent an hour tonight in my garage. I think my neighbors hate me now! So sick! I will never own another vehicle that does not have custom sound.”

James N. – Tesla Model S

“Much props to Matt Schaeffer for making my dream car come true! If you want expert advice and installation from an experienced car audio installer than look no further. I’ve done hours of extensive research and found that there are only a few qualified professional car installers who work on Tesla’s. You can’t put a price on the enjoyment when you’re driving away with a great sound system and custom design. RESPECT and THANKS to Matt Schaeffer, Musaic Designs, and the Sound FX Family!”

Anthony C. – Bentley GT Speed

“Matt, what can I say, you told me so! After careful consideration and much research I came to the conclusion that you were the best man for the job of installing a system in my previous Bentley GT Speed. It far exceeded my expectations. I am just thrilled with it! Your careful attention to detail, and the recommendation for a package that suited my specific needs were spot on. I also appreciate the fact that you answer the phone and walk me through any questions that I have had. Your customer service skills are excellent. I would be glad to talk to anyone considering a system installed by you and let them know that you are the man!”

Henry M. – Tesla Model S P100D

“After driving around in Matt’s speaker setup for a few months now, it’s safe to say that it is the best I’ve ever seen! I’ve looked continuously through many different people to try and find the perfect build. Throughout the locations I’ve been to, they always had their issues, from speakers not working properly to cables being mismatched. After some searching, I stumbled upon Matt from Musaic Designs. I drove down to Delaware were he was located and right away I knew that I was in the right place. As soon as I entered I was greeted by Matt and his team. We talked through ideas and sketches of what I wanted and their thoughts of it all. Everything was extremely simple and properly organized. He gave me an exact date of when the car would be ready, which was only a few weeks compared to the other places I visited which were usually more than a month. When I saw the car for the first time, I was in shock. The speakers sounded incredible with great bass and clarity. Everything was perfectly fitted with an outstanding design that matched the look of the Tesla. It was everything I wanted from a great sounding system to a sleek design. Fast forward a few months and I still love it. I can’t thank Matt and his team at Musaic Design’s enough for the perfection that they built.”

Jason E. – Ford Excursion

 “I was very nervous and anxious for this build for a couple reasons 1, it was a 6 hour drive and I was leaving my truck (Matt Gave me a loaner)2, I’m very picky and hard to please when it comes to my truck but I had no choice the seats were ripped and overhead was terrible. It was 20 years old. The wife said fix it or buy a new truck and buying wasn’t happening I love my “X” I spoke with Matt several times after I found him on line. I have to say I’m glad I did. we came up with a plan and I probably worried him to death driving home it had to be OEM. I hate items added to vehicle that looks like a rookie did it. it turned out perfect and everything I wanted. Five stars!!! The only bad thing about the whole experience was the $160 speeding ticket because I was in a hurry to pick it up. Great work Matt see you for my nova.”

Billy S. – Porsche 911 GTS

“If nothing else, I am very much into my cars. Inside and out. When it comes to the car stereo, I’m the same way. In 2007, I brought my first car into Matt to get some work done. He’d removed the back panel in the cargo area and custom fit/formed an subwoofer that blended in perfectly with the back of the truck. Sounded great, looked amazing! Since then, I’ve brought 4 (and soon to be 5) cars to Matt for work done. From installing custom subwoofers, amps, tv’s … anything, there is no one I’d rather bring my car to. I’ve sent numerous people his way and they’ve all been just as happy as with the work as I am. I can honestly say, there is no where else I’ll bring my cars to that I can trust and know that the work will be creative, seamless, thoughtful and priced right. Matt is definitely the guy to see for any and all interior custom stereo/electronic work, in your car.”

Eric D. – Acura TL

“Matt’s custom work is impeccable and I’ve been a returning customer over the past 3 1/2 years. I value his expertise and knowledge through the entire custom build process. I highly recommend Matt for any custom work.”

Jeff L. – BMW 5 Series

“I have a had a lot of different mid-to-high end systems installed in a variety of vehicles over the years. Matt is hands down the most talented, detail oriented installer I have every met. He went above and beyond to get my project done on time and to my satisfaction. 

I highly recommend Matt for any custom installation. I will be having Matt work on my next car as well and will only go to him in the future.”

Mike W. – Porsche 911 Turbo S

“I drove a brand new vehicle from the dealership directly into Matt’s hands. His attention to detail and concern over the cleanliness and completeness of the installation he performed were second to none. He made an already great vehicle even better, and helped me make a personal statement about my love of music.

I’m ordering another vehicle similar to the first, and Matt will be THAT car’s first stop. Thank you, Matt, for caring for my cars as if they are your own.”

Jeremy G. – Tesla Model S P100D

“Matt and the Sound FX team were amazing from the start. They listened to what I wanted to do with my sound system and executed it in a way that exceeded my expectations at every step. Even months after the install, if I ever need any help with anything on the sound system, they’re only a phone call away. Just a fantastic experience all around.”

Armondo L.  – Bentley Continental GT

“I want to start off by saying thank you Matt, you was highly recommended by JL Audio and now we are here, i been following your work for a good 4 years or longer, i been to a few locations for a great installation but got basic information and installation packages with high price quotes.

The craftsmanship and knowledge that Matt brought to the table locked me in, i sat down with the Musaic team and we came down to some great components, Matt allowed me to sit in and listen to a project he was working on i was blown away that bad boy sounded like a concert at Madison square garden, Matts vision and allowing him to create a 1 off master piece, i am beyond satisfied with the design, sound, and quality of his work.

I am looking forward to adding more components to my Bentley, and bringing in my other vehicles, as well as clients to the Musaic family. 

Thank you guys. I will see you soon.”

Jeffrey K.  – Tesla Model X

“Amazing work!  I’ve had audio upgrades installed in my cars in the past, and later always ended up spending quite a lot of time tweaking the tuning to make the sound better, with Matt the sound was absolutely perfect.  The sound staging is just WOW!  I asked for a design where all of the equipment would be hidden and it would look stock, Matt delivered and then some, the quality of the craftsmanship is incredible and when you remove the standard panel, you see his amazing design work hiding all of the equipment and cables.  Matt’s work with the staging/sound made me realize that my home theater was off and I ended up upgrading that as a result! If you want spectacular sound, make sure Matt is the one who designs and installs your system!”

Rakesh S.  – BMW X5

“I would like to thank Matt and the Sound FX team. Up to the point of delivery and demo everything was done over the phone. Words cannot describe the emotion that the music brings out til its produced from craftsmanship and experience, and this is all done in part to allowing Matt to create.”

Adam B.  – Mercedes G55

“I am thoroughly enjoying the Hi-Fi system Musaic installed in the G55 and although there is more work to do on the vehicle to get it where I want it to be, with your help it really has already been massively been transformed. As you know, the factory radio was basically useless – however, your planning and execution on the project was flawless. I appreciate you taking the time to talk me through the options and the concept.  The result was more than I hoped for actually.  And while it was not, perhaps, the ideal vehicle for this kind of project – the sound stage and overall quality of music produced by the sound system is astounding. Thank you again for your work on this project and for your continued assistance, after it was finished, getting all of the little things right!”