OEM Stealth

To protect the vehicle against potential speeding tickets, we equipped it with the new Escort Redline 360 for front and rear radar protection and used AL Priority for front and rear laser defense. We created 4 housing in the front to hold our two RX sensors and two TX sensors. These were created and designed to blend into the grille. Each pod is finished off with a light emitting acrylic to allow the light transmission through while concealing the sensor. In the rear we used two RX sensors and a center TX sensor. This ensures we are fully protected against VPR lidar guns in the front and rear. Pods were created and mounted into the bumper, retaining the same geometric shapes that you see in the grille.We created a pod to house the Escort display and AL Priority LED to fit seamlessly in the gauge cluster. The face of the pod is finished off with smoked acrylic to give an OEM display finish. When the system is powered off, this display turns solid black and looks like an OEM display. We installed our ALP and Escort controller in the center console, which also has a magnetic carbon fiber cover to conceal the system.