Stealth OEM

For this client, we went with the full stealth system. We utilized the Escort MAX CI for our radar detection and AL Priority for our laser defense.

The front diffusers consist of 2 regular AL Priority laser diffusers that sit above the lower side vents hidden behind our stealth acrylic covers. We used an AL Priority TX sensor that rests behind the lower center kidney grille. We also heat formed our special acrylic to conceal the location of this sensor. The front Escort radar receiver sits right beneath the driver headlight. This was the highest location in this area that we could install the receiver.

The rear laser defense consists of two regular AL Priority laser diffusers that sit behind our stealth acrylic covers. These were heat formed to fit the contour of the rear trunk lid. Our rear Escort receiver was bolted to the top of the rear bumper, in the highest location it could be mounted.

An acrylic enclosure was made to house both our Escort and AL Priority controllers. They rest in a matching Alcantara insert while the edges are trimmed with a matching silver beveled trim to match the cup holders. This area was completely open before modification. An insert tray was made and finished off with Alcantara suede to conceal both controllers when not in use. This flushes into the area on top of the controllers.

An additional acrylic enclosure was made to house our Escort Max CI display. This sits to the left of the rear view mirror and uses smoked acrylic to conceal the display when not in use. This gives the illusion that it is built into the vehicle as it were a factory component. We also used silver trim to accent the edge of the enclosure.

Finally, a magnetized license plate bracket was fabricated in order to give a solution for the license plate without drilling holes into the bumper. Five 15lb rubberized magnets hold the license plate in place for a clean look.