HiFi 3

Jobs like these are exactly why I love doing what I do. Epic customer reaction to critical sound listening and high expectations. The goal for this particular build revolved around sound quality while continuing to keep functionality of the entire car. We only used a fraction of the storage space in the rear to install our gear. We wanted absolutely no change in the OEM appearance.

For the front stage we utilized Focal Utopia 8″ midbass woofers, 3 -1/2″ midrange, and TBM tweeters. The front doors were fully sound treated with Hushmat and finished off with Blackhole Tiles. Custom speaker housings were fabricated to adapt our 8″ woofer into the factory location and set at the same angle. The 3.5 Utopia M mid was installed in the factory location on the dashboard while the TBM tweeters were installed in the a-pillar. An acrylic adapter was made to click into the OEM tweeter mount to adapt to our Focal tweeters.

Mosconi Pro amplifiers was used as they have excellent sound quality while not having a big footprint. A Mosconi Pro 5/30 was used to power the rear speakers, front door mid bass woofers, and Focal Utopia M 10″ subwoofer. A Mosconi 4/10 was used to power our midrange and tweeters for our front stage. We utilized the bottom of the rear storage area to conceal our amplifiers and DSP. We made a false floor that was wrapped in matching carpet to hide and protect our amplifiers. This area still functions as a storage center.

The OEM subwoofer enclosure was modified to house our 10″ Focal Utopia M Subwoofer. This presents a challenge as the OEM subwoofer is 8″. This subwoofer is also down firing and hovers right over the rear HVAC blower motor. This means that our subwoofer must be recessed quite a bit in the enclosure to allow for ample excursion while clearing the HVAC motor. This works well as we were able to tuck everything behind the panel without the sight of anything changing.

All of our signal ran through a Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP. Our factory Tesla signal ran through preset 1. Preset number two features a tune for our AMAS96K BT streaming. Preset 3 gives us an analog input from our Astell & Kern SP2000 Hi-Res DAP. The pocket under the MCU was modified to house our full size Mosconi Remote Control.

Another rolling audio studio is completed and in the books.