HiFi 2

Some of my favorite jobs are the ones you can get done within a few days. Our front stage consisted of Focal Flax 3 ways which run active from a JL VX800/8i DSP amplifier. The front speakers utilize OEM speaker locations. The tweeters reside in the a-pillars, midrange in the upper dash, and the woofers in the door. Speaker adapters were fabricated for the midrange and midbass woofers in order to emulate factory placement. Both front doors were sound treated with HushMat.

This Model X had third row seats. So we installed our amplifiers in the back storage compartment on our amp rack. We created a false floor that way you can still use this area for storage. This is where our JL VXI DSP Amplifier, sub amp, and all system fusing resided.

Because this X had third row seats, the best option for the subwoofer enclosure was in the passenger side quarter panel. There is a decent amount of open room to house a subwoofer enclosure. Our subwoofer enclosure was bolted to the car behind the panel and utilized a single “down firing ” 10″ JL Audio subwoofer. A vent / grille was fabricated to finish off the area from the inside trim. The subwoofer sounded absolutely amazing!!

Unlike some of the other builds you have seen us do, this one runs entirely off the Tesla MCU (meaning no digital or analog input from a phone or DAP). This still gives you tremendous sound quality over the OEM UHFS audio system. Completely non-intrusive, budget friendly and can easily be returned back to factory.