OEM Stealth

This was a fun project for a retired police officer that used to teach fellow officers on this topic. Safe to say, he takes radar and laser integration pretty seriously. The goal here was to be as hidden as possible. The car posed a few challenges but we were able to work through them.

We use AL Priority for laser integration which features 2 standard diffusers in conjunction with a single TX sensor in the front of the vehicle. We used two regular diffusers in the rear. We were able to fabricate pods to house our diffusers and skin them with a special light emitting acrylic (same material they use on the face of the diffuser). Our front TX sensor was hidden into the top of the Honda logo. The standard diffusers rest under the chrome fascia to each end of the Honda logo. This presented a unique challenge because the bumper contours pretty heavily within this area. Our rear diffusers were placed in fabricated pods which follow the rear bumper lines.

We used Net Radar DSP heads for the front and the rear. Each of these are tucked behind the bumper in the highest allowable location. (Under the headlight and taillight).

Inside the car, in front of the shifter, you can find the concealed ALP controller. We fabricated an acrylic pod to house the controller. The face of the pod uses a piece of black acrylic with embedded magnets for a stealth finish. The acrylic cover hides the controller and can be removed and magnetized under the inner pocket for quick storage. We trimmed the pod with a matching silver trim to integrate it into the factory design. Our LED was placed into the upper left corner of the cluster for the lowest viewing angle from the drivers window.