HiFi 3

This client brought us his Porsche for a straight forward audio upgrade. He owns a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S convertible so we started with a great set of front speakers since we would not be using a subwoofer. We installed a set of Focal 165KRX3 Kevlar speakers. We used the OEM locations for the mid and door woofers. Custom pillars were fabricated and rewrapped in matching leather to house the tweeters. The rear speakers consisted of a set of Focal 100KRS 4″ component speakers.

This Porsche was not M.O.S.T. from the OEM so we could not remove the factory amplifier with an amp integration module. So we went high level into our Mosconi 6to8 DSP processor which sends its corrected and time corrected signal to our two Mosconi AS100.4 amplifiers that can be found under the hood.

We built a simplistic amp rack with an additional removable floor to protect the amplifiers. The upper floor is used for when the client wants to make use of the storage area without damaging the amplifiers. It is removable to show off the aesthetically pleasing rack that rests beneath it.