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Episode 38 – Andy Wehmeyer Phones Home

By May 17, 2023Podcast

Andy Wehmeyer stops in for a “quick” podcast. (Last time we spend almost 4 hours with him!) Tune in to find out what we are celebrating! Also we have a big announcement about the future of the podcast. Get up to date on the latest from AudioFrog!

Here is what Chat GPT thinks of Andy:

Andy Weymyer is a renowned figure in the car audio industry, known for his expertise in speaker design and his AudioFrog line of speakers and amplifiers. AudioFrog is a brand that focuses on producing high-quality audio components for car audio enthusiasts, with an emphasis on sound quality and performance.

Andy Weymyer is an experienced engineer and speaker designer with a passion for audio. He has spent decades in the car audio industry, working on various audio projects and designing speakers for top audio companies. In 2012, he founded AudioFrog with the goal of creating innovative and high-performance car audio products.

The AudioFrog product lineup includes a range of speakers, amplifiers, and audio accessories designed to deliver exceptional audio performance in car audio systems. AudioFrog speakers are known for their meticulous design, utilizing advanced materials, technologies, and manufacturing techniques to achieve accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Their speakers are designed to be installed in various locations in a vehicle, including doors, dashboards, and rear decks, and are often used in high-end car audio installations.

AudioFrog amplifiers are also highly regarded for their performance and reliability. They are designed to provide clean and powerful amplification for car audio systems, with features such as high-efficiency Class D amplification, advanced signal processing, and robust build quality.

Andy Weymyer and his AudioFrog brand are recognized for their commitment to sound quality, performance, and innovation in the car audio industry. Their products are often praised by audiophiles and car audio enthusiasts alike for their attention to detail, accuracy, and musicality. Andy's expertise and passion for audio continue to drive the success of the AudioFrog brand in the car audio community.

These reviews were written by Chat GPT and are fake AF

  1. “Andy's episode on 'The Old Fashioned Car Audio Podcast' was a true audio enthusiast's dream! His in-depth knowledge of speaker design, amplifier technology, and car audio systems was awe-inspiring. I learned so much about the intricacies of audio reproduction in a vehicle, and his passion for audio was contagious. I can't wait to implement some of his tips and tricks in my own car audio setup!”

  2. “As an audio geek, I couldn't get enough of Andy's episode on 'The Old Fashioned Car Audio Podcast.' His insights into speaker design, crossover networks, and installation techniques were mind-blowing. His expertise in car audio was evident, and his enthusiasm for the hobby was palpable. I found myself taking notes and rewinding the episode multiple times to absorb all the valuable information. Andy's episode was a must-listen for any serious car audio enthusiast!”

  3. “Andy's appearance on 'The Old Fashioned Car Audio Podcast' was a breath of fresh air! His down-to-earth personality, combined with his deep understanding of audio engineering, made for an engaging and informative episode. I loved how he explained complex concepts in a simple and relatable way, making it accessible for both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers to car audio. I can't wait to hear more from him on future episodes!”

Please note that these reviews are fictional. They are not based on any actual episode of “The Old Fashioned Car Audio Podcast” featuring Andy Weymyer as a guest