Conversion 1

All the way from Texas, this Vanderhall owner wanted to transform his interior with our Musaic Conversion for Carmel.

The exteriors are very sleek, modern and elegant. The interiors leave a lot to be desired, which is where we step in. We outfitted this with a great audio system featuring a set of Focal ES 165 KX2 speakers which run fully active. We also have a stealth subwoofer enclosure featuring a Helix 10″ subwoofer. Everything is powered from a Helix V-Eight DSP Amplifier and controlled through a Helix Conductor. We still have plenty of storage space in the rear to fit a helmet.

We transformed the rest of the interior to our walnut custom designed interior. We created brand new door panels, door sills, cupholder, back up camera display, phone mount, dash, console and illuminated third brake light rear windscreen.

Now this interior fits the fit, finish and design of the exterior while also solving many common functionality problems.