HiFi 3

Our goal was to keep the system as factory and functional as possible. Starting with the front stage, we modified the A-pillars to house our Focal Utopia M midrange and tweeter. We rewrapped the pillar in matching Alcantara suede. A OEM style grille was created to cover and protect the speakers for a factory fit and finish. As the dash and surrounding panels were removed, a combination of SoundShield and Husmat were used to sound treat the area. We replaced the factory 8” door speaker with a Focal Utopia M midbass drivers. Acrylic adapters were created to bolt our new speaker directly into the factory location with no modifications. We again used a combination of SoundShiled and Hushmat to fully sound treat the front doors.All of our signal ran through a Helix V-Twelve DSP Amplifier. This amplifier DSP combo ran our front 3 way speakers fully active, while also powering the factory rear speakers. This amplifier has a preamp output in which runs to a Mosconi Pro 1/10 amplifier. This amplifier powers a single Focal Utopia M subwoofer that resides in a modified OEM enclosure which rests behind the factory quarter panel. To have a factory appearance, we used a small area of storage space to create a OEM looking amp rack. Both our amplifiers and fusing sit under the custom made panel for easy serviceability and functionality.

To get the maximum out of the equipment we installed, we set up the car with 3 separate presets. The first preset runs the factory MCU exactly how the factory intended it. Every feature and function continues to work just like factory. Our second preset uses a HiFi BT module in which docks into the V Twelve DSP Amplifier. This gives us a Bluetooth connection that connects directly to the amplifier and bypasses any factory signal. This gives us a perfect, full bandwidth digital signal, directly from a phone. This would be the preferred and best way to connect your phone to the audio system. You can still see information such as what you are listening to with full track control through the factory MCU. The audio signal is the only thing diverting to the amplifier giving you the best of both worlds. Preset 3 is our analog input in which can be connected to a DAP. This give us the ability to use our Astell & Kern SP3000. This would be the best way to get the full ability out of the audio system. We also created a cup holder modular magnetic mount for the SP3000. This gave a solution to house the player while putting it at the optim spot for use while driving. All of these presets were controlled through a Helix Conductor controller. We integrated the controller into a factory style panel that sits directly under the MCU display. This gave a factory and integrated look for all of the system controls.