OEM Stealth

This was a repeat radar countermeasures client. We outfitted this brand new Model Y with a full Escort Max CI 360 system. This system features 3 laser shifters in concealed pods that reside in the opening of the bumper. We installed the Escort Radar receiver behind the bumper up under the headlight. In the rear, we created a self contained custom license plate mount that houses two laser shifters. These shifters sit behind an IR acrylic license plate frame to allow concealed transmission. The rear radar receiver was installed behind the bumper up underneath the taillight.We took the stealth approach to the inside of the vehicle as well. We created a pod to house the Escort display which resides under the MCU screen. This pod was finished off in smoked acrylic to completely conceal the LCD screen when the system is off. A housing was made and installed in the center console for the Escort controller. A cover with magnets was created to conceal the controller when not in use.