HiFi 3 +

Here is an audiophile upgrade that even organic Porsche purists can get behind. The client wanted to do a non intrusive install and retain all OEM speaker locations. If we were to add subwoofers, it had to have an OEM look where no subwoofers were visible.For the front speakers, we chose no other than the p60 Focal kit. This is a Utopia based kit that is tooled specifically for Porsche. The speakers are designed to fit perfectly in each factory location. No speaker adapters need to be created. The speakers are designed so even the factory speaker harnesses plug directly in. We sound treated the front doors with a combination of Hushmat and SoundShield. We heavily treated the front door panels to allow a good bit of mid bass without having the door panels resonate. Our front 3 way runs completely active through a Helix V-Twelve DSP amplifier that is completely hidden in the floor board. This amplifier also power the rear speakers active, and the OEM Front subwoofer behind the glove box. We created a OEM looking subwoofer enclosure to mount on the rear step up floor in the back of the vehicle. We retained the child seat bolt down latches to mount our subwoofer enclosure. The entire rear paneling was removed to sound treat the area around our subwoofer enclosure. We utilized two Focal 10” Utopia M Subwoofers in a custom made enclosure. A Helix P One was used to power our subwoofers. This amplifier was hidden in the driver side floor board. A Nav-TV Zen V interface was used to create a digital signal from the factory radio to our DSP amplifier. We used a Helix Conductor DSP controller to control the subwoofer volume and master volume of our additional inputs.