Conversion 2

This Model 3 came to us from a podcast listener. A person that competed with his vehicle in the 90’s and wanted to reignite that passion. So our goal was sound quality with some very detailed fabrication.The front stage consists of Focal Utopia M 3 way speakers. We chose an 8” to maximize our front midbass. The doors were fully sound treated with a combination of SoundShield, Hushmat and Blackhole Tiles. We modified the factory a-pillars to house our 3.5” Utopia M Midrange. Body lines were added to make the pillars look more organic. Focal TBM Tweeters were housed in custom sail panels that sat where the factory tweeter pods resided. A combination of black Alcantara, white rose gold and silver acrylic finished off the materials of the pillars. A Mosconi Atomo 2 was use to power the OEM rear speakers.

The entire interior was pulled and a layer of Hushmat and Soundshield covered all of the exposed metal as well as behind plastic interior panels. The entire headliner, including rear deck, pillars and sun visors were rewrapped in Jet Black Alcantara suede. A passthrough was cut through the rear deck to allow air to move from the trunk into the interior cabin. A press grille was made to emulate the adjoining speaker grilles for an OEM look.

The audio sources ran through a Helix DSP Ultra. We utilized the Helix Conductor controller in a custom housing under the MCU Display to control our volume, sub bass, and presets. A single Mosconi 4/30 powers our front midrange and tweeters while a single Mosconi Pro 2/10 powers our front midbass. We chose two Focal Utopia M Subwoofers to anchor the systems lower frequencies. The client requested to be able to see inside the enclosure. So we got to work and created a stacked cabinet grade Baltic Birch to hover over top our custom acrylic amp rack. This gave us the an organic shape that let air to move from both sides of the enclosure over top of the amplifier rack. The inside of the enclosure was finished off with different alcantara suedes (to match the two colors now in the car) as well as multiple layers of matching acrylic. A center brace was created out of acrylic that also allowed air to move through the enclosure while also accenting the subwoofer magnets. Multiple layers of RGB lighting accented the details of the enclosure.

Our additional lithium ion batteries were integrated into the cubby along with all other system fusing for quick and easy access. A cubby was also made to house his existing charging cable adding function while maximizing our usable space. All trunk panels can be removed with in a minute to access the bones of the entire installation. Most panels magnetize together to allow quick removal for service.

Our sources consist of the factory MCU Display, our HiFi BT chip which docks into the DSP Ultra (for the best sound using your phone), and of course our analog input to an Astell & Kern SP3000 DAP.

Tons of aesthetic detail, an unbelievable soundstage, and unreal subwoofer tonality and transfer made this Tesla truly a one off rolling studio.