Conversion 2

This is one of the biggest restomod builds we have done to date. This beautiful Nova came to us to get a interior overhaul. It had had an outdated resto interior that needed a lot of love. Essentially the only things we did not change were the doorpanels, dash and seats.
We started by creating a modern day center console to incorporate a lot of modern day technology. We added a Sony 10″ radio and flushed it into our console. We converted the ignition system to a push to start using Seer. This also gives us a proximity door lock system.
Our upgraded audio system was no small task. We utilized a Focal Utopia M 3 way active front speaker setup. We used 6″ midbass in custom made kickpanels. And we created pillars and pods to house our midrange and tweeters. All were finished off with custom pressed grilles that were complimented with polished aluminum rings. The brains of the audio were controlled by a Helix DSP Ultra. We used a Conductor controller, which is our main audio interface. This was installed in our custom built center console.
The trunk of this car was completely rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up. Everything was stripped and fully sound treated with a combination of Hushmat and Soundshield. A new floor was made to house our Mosconi Pro amplifiers, new AGM battery, intelligent power supply, subwoofer enclosure and all fusing. Our amplifiers included two Mosconi Pro 1/10’s, Mosconi Pro 4/10 and a Mosconi Pro 2/10. A subwoofer enclosure housing two Focal Utopia M 10’s was created and hidden behind the main front fascia of the trunk. Aluminum accents, cream Alcantara suede and matching vinyl were used to seamlessly blend everything in.