Another Tesla done and shipped! Finished just in time for KFEST. This was a really fun job with one of my favorite customers to date. He traveled all the way to us from Illinois in hopes to fix his original installation. We gave him multiple options including fixing and reinstalling his original system. He wasn’t happy with the performance and felt we could address all of the issues. We elected to start over from scratch and design the system to his needs the way we would approach it as a new customer.

We chose the ever popular Focal Utopia No.7 3 way speaker set for the front stage. We fabricated new a-pillars and made a custom grille to cover the equipment. The pillars we rewrapped in a matching Alcantara suede. The front doors were fully sound treated with a combination of Hushmat and Soundskins Pro. The outer door skin was finished off with Blackhole Tile. New speaker adapters were created by stacking multiple pieces of PVC together and matching the angle of the factory speaker with the Mobile Solutions Animal.

Focal Flax coax speakers were used in the rear and we followed suit with the sound treatment to match the front doors. The signal from the factory radio fed into a Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP. This gave us the ability to mix in the factory radio to Preset 1 and use the AMAS BT chip to Preset 2. Preset 2 is driven by an Astell & Kern SP1000 Hi-Res player. A custom housing was fabricated to mount the mini RC Mosconi controller and Escort Max Ci 360 controller into the center console.

Mosconi Pro Amps were chosen for their great size to performance ratio. Two Class AB 4/10 (4 channel) amplifiers were chosen to run the Mid / Tweeter on one and the Woofer and rear on the other. We used a single 1/10 (mono) amplifier to run a single Raven XL 10″ Subwoofer.
A custom fabricated enclosure was made to house our subwoofer. It was finished off with aesthetic trim made from multiple layers of acrylic. The trim is backed with multiple magnets for easy serviceability of the subwoofer. All of our amplifiers were mounted under multiple layers of decorative trim that lay in the lower storage area of the trunk.

A lithium Ion battery was added to the back to give some supplemental power to our audio system. Although not necessary, it gives more of an immediate power discharge for times of need. A custom battery rack, hold down, and cover was made to enclose the area. Magnets were used in the cover for quick serviceability of the battery.

One of the best sounding Tesla’s we have done to date. A lot thanks to that 10″ Raven XL Subwoofer.