This client made the trip all the way from California to outfit his new Model S with a Musaic HiFi 2 Audio package. We tailored this package to fit the clients wants and budget.

We installed Focal Flax component speakers in the front and Focal Flax coax for the rear. All doors were fully sound treated with Hushmat and Soundskins Pro. Speaker adapters were fabricated from acrylic to adapt our new speakers to the OEM mounting points. Mini rings were fabricated out of acrylic to snap our Focal tweeters into the a-pillars. Mosconi One amplifiers were chosen to get our client into a budget friendly class AB amplifier. All of our speakers run active through three Mosconi One Amplifiers. The customer previously had a JL Audio 10w6 which was used as our subwoofer. A fiberglass enclosure was fabricated to house our subwoofer. A grille and trim were fabricated from acrylic and attaches to our enclosure using magnets for quick serviceability.

All signal runs through a Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace DSP. We tuned two different presets. One works with the factory Tesla system and the other with the AMAS BT Module. Our Mosconi controller is housed in an acrylic mount that sits under the retractable center console lid. A basic amp rack was made to cover the amplifiers. An acrylic Tesla “T” was made to be the focal point of the amp rack. Two acrylic grilles and trim flank the center to provide a vent for our equipment that hides beneath.