Conversion 2

This was absolutely one of my favorite jobs to date. To take the best battery operated vehicle on the planet and create an audiophile experience with the goal to keep the integrity and OE design running throughout the build. The sound this delivered was nothing short amazing.

The front a-pillars were remolded to house the mid and tweeter from the Focal Utopia No.7 Kit. They were rewrapped in matching black Alcantara suede.

The Mosconi Controller was molded into the OE pocket assembly and wrapped in matching black Alcantara suede.

The entire car was sound dampened and then treated with a layer of Focal BAMXXL material. The doors were treated with multiple layers and finished off with Blackhole Tile. Speaker adapters were fabricated a made to match the OE angle using the Mobile Solutions SFS Animal.

The OE audio signal ran into a JL Audio Fix 82 which summed the front 3 way signal into a single, flat signal which fed into our Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP. We used single preset to run the OE Tesla system while an additional preset gave the customer the ability to use AMAS or use Toslink directly into an Astell & Kern HiRes player.

The subwoofer enclosure was made to live on the drivers side where a Illusion Carbon C10xl sits flush layers behind the aesthetic trim. The materials used on the enclosure were matching OE vinyl, matching OE Alcantara suede, press grill (wrapped in black grille cloth), black carpet and a silver acrylic lit trim to mimic the trim on the door panels.

A new cover was made to hide the amplifier rack in the floor. A insert was made from acrylic and the Tesla “T” and “Tesla” was embossed into the Alcantara suede. Under the removable cover, three Mosconi Zero amplifiers. Two Zero 4’s which power the Tweeters, Mids, Door Woofers and rear speakers. The Zero 1 powers the subwoofer. The Amps bolt to an acrylic lit trim and the Zero 1 floats over the bottom two on another lit layer of acrylic trim. Multiple layers of Alcantara suede, black vinyl, silver trim make up the top layers of trim. A lit Tesla “T” creates the focal point of the rack.

The cars main 12v battery was upgraded to a Lithium Ion. Two additional Lithium Ion batteries were added to the rear for additional support. The batteries sit in a rack that was made to mount in the OE Subwoofer location.

– Product List

– Focal Utopia No. 7 Kit up front
– Illusion Carbon C6CX speakers in the rear
– Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP w/ AMAS
– JL Audio Fix 82
– Mosconi ZERO 4 (X2)
– Mosconi Zero 1
– Carbon C10XL Subwoofer
– Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000 Portable Hi-Res Player
– Lithium Ion Battery (x3)
– Blackvue DVR Cam
– Lit Emblems
– Focal BAMXL and Blackhole Tile