Conversion 1

Here is the latest Tesla build to come through our doors. This one was fun because it was finally a new interior color combo.

Starting out with the audio, we went with the Focal NO.7 Utopia in the fronts run fully active, powered by two Mosconi ZERO4 Amplifiers. I built custom a-pillars to house the Utopia tweeter and midrange. The pillars were rewrapped in matching black Alcantara suede. Custom speaker adapters were created to flush mount the Utopia woofer. The inside of the doors were fully sound dampened and treated with Blackhole Tile.

The rear speakers were a set of Focal Flax PC165F. Custom speaker adapters were fabricated using the Mobile Solutions SFS Animal to get them to sit on the same angle as factory. The rear doors were treated with sound dampening and finished off the Blackhole Tile. The rear speakers run off the Mosconi Zero4.

The subwoofer was housed in a custom fiberglass enclosure created to fit in the driver rear recessed opening. We used an Illusion Carbon C10XL. The front of the enclosure was trimmed off to match the interior design elements from the door panels. It is finished off in matching black vinyl, white vinyl, silver trim, black grille cloth and carpet to make it transition into the trunk.

A Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace was used as the DSP for the audio system. We have a preset for the Tesla OEM Audio system, and a separate preset for the AMAS2. We run a Astell and Kern KANN playing Hi-Res audio through this source. We completely bypass the Tesla system and have a digital connection between our device and the DSP. This gives us a much better signal to work with as well as the ability to sample higher resolution music.

The amplifiers and DSP all reside under a custom fabricate rack that is finished off with OEM Materials replicated a Tesla style design. All of the equipment is easily accessible with the removal of some stainless hardware. Each amp can be serviced and adjusted without removing anything substantial. Two 5″ fans sit under the two press grilles to circulate air throughout the rack. The OEM storage cover can still fit into place, fully concealing the amp rack and contents.

A BattMobile Lithium ION battery was used to replace the OEM 12v battery under the hood and a secondary Lithium ION battery was installed in the passenger rear of the vehicle where the factory subwoofer enclosure resided. A battery rack was fabricated to house the battery, 2 way radio, router and other components.

Finally, multiple OEM panels and dash pad were removed and treated with Focal BAM to sound dampen the otherwise thin plastic.