OEM Stealth – Radar / Laser

This Model S came to us to be protected against radar and laser. We wanted it to be as stealth as possible. We used a K40 RL360i Expert system for the radar portion of the build. We used a 5 head AL Priority system to address the laser. We installed both controllers in the center console flush at the top, under the retractable lid. We used a static touch switch that resides right under the center console cup holder (where your arm naturally sits) to kill power to both units. All you have to do is tap the OEM panel’s plastic where the switch is hidden behind it. We built acrylic mounts to house the front and rear laser heads. The acrylic front mount adapter was heat formed to contour the front bumper. The front mount houses 3 heads all parallel with each other. The front and rear were skinned with a special type of acrylic to black out the area and hide the laser heads. The back adapter was molded off the the license plate and extends the laser heads at the top to contour the surrounding area.