HiFi 2 +

This was a simplistic yet effective audio upgrade for this repeat client. His goals were to add subwoofers but do it correctly. He also wanted the subwoofer enclosure to fit in with the OEM design and for it to feature some really cool lighting elements. With us having direction and a target budget, we got to work.
We decided to keep the OEM Burmester speakers in place and add a Match UP10DSP Amplifier. This gave us the ability to amplify all of the OEM speakers while giving us the ability to perfectly blend our Focal Utopia M subwoofers into the front soundstage. We used a Helix P One amplifier to power the subwoofers. All of these components including a MoBridge OEM Amplifier interface all reside behind the rear OEM panels.
We created a subwoofer enclosure to blend into the OEM design. We used elements from the Burmester speaker grilles, fiber optic lighting, and matching leather and Alcantara suede. The subwoofer enclosure uses the factory rear tie downs as bolt points to ensure a safe and secure mount. The lights of the enclosure activate as the trunk is open, and turns off when the trunk is closed so there is no distraction when night driving.
To keep the client ticket free on the road, we outfitted the car with our OEM Stealth countermeasures system. We used a combination of AL Priority for laser defense and Escort Max Ci for radar defense. The front bumper has two RX sensors and a single TX sensor which are are concealed within the bumper. We created enclosures with IR acrylic to keep them completely stealth. We created a magnetic license plate frame to conceal two RX sensors for the rear. A new display was created to mimic the HVAC panel to conceal the Escort display and AL Priority LED. Finally the controllers were installed in the center console with a magnetic Alcantara suede removable cover.