OEM Stealth

Hidden radar and laser in this brand spanking new 2022 BMW M8 Competition. We had to make some parts and housings to make it virtually undetectable. We used a combination of an Escort Max CI front and rear radar system with an AL Priority laser system protecting the front and rear. We equipped the front end of the vehicle with two ALP RX sensors, ALP TX sensor and a single Escort Radar receiver. Housings were made for each RX sensor to completely make them invisible to the eye.
The rear of the car is made up of an ALP RX and TX sensor along with a rear Escort Radar receiver. The two ALP sensors where concealed into a custom made license plate frame.
For the Escort display, we decided to pull inspiration from the pod above the gauge cluster. We made a similar modular housing that bolts to the top of the steering column. The display sits behind smoked acrylic to give an all black appearance when the system is powered off.
Both GPS antenna were installed in the upper windshield (next to the mirror) and a black housing was made to enclose the antennas from the inside of the vehicle giving a factory appearance. A display can be used with the AL Priority system by connecting to the unit through Bluetooth via the app.
The ALP and Escort controller were concealed in a stealth housing in the center console. A magnetic removable top was made to cover the controllers when not in use. Two magnets were also installed into the side of the console to store the cover as the controllers are behind used.