HiFi 3

An efficient yet impactful way to upgrade the audio in a Bentley Flying Spur. This client is a home audio enthusiast where he is finally dabbling into the car audio world. We wanted to keep the equipment efficient and simplistic. We chose a Helix V Twelve DSP Amplifier to power all of our speakers active. This includes a set of Illusion Carbon c6 door midbass, an Illusion Carbon c3cx midrange and tweeter (housed in custom made a-pillars), while retaining the factory rear components. A Helix P Two amplifier supports two JL Audio 10TW3 Subwoofers in a sealed enclosure. This enclosure sits behind the rear seats in the trunk. An amp rack was then affixed to the enclosure to house our electronics. A beauty panel was created to implement OE materials and design elements to give a factory finish. A custom trim panel was built to finish off the skipass hole to allow air to move from the trunk into the cabin. The OE pillars were modified and remolded to accept our new midrange and tweeter. Custom aluminum rings were created along with a press grille to complement the design of the door woofer design. Finally, the Helix director (DSP Controller) was housed in a custom pod below the radio for easy access and control of the audio system. Two presets controlled the use of the audio system. Preset 1 run the OEM radio exactly how it was intended to be used from the OE. The second was to utilize the HEC BT chip that docks into the Helix V Twelve DSP. This gives us the best audio signal from any cell phone.