OEM Stealth

Another super stealth radar and laser defense system has left the shop. This client gets to drive around ticket free with the new Escort Redline Ci 360c.Aaron Crooks and I teamed up to make this look factory integrated. In the front we used 3 shifters in customs housings which are mounted in the front grille. We finished each housing with IR acrylic to make it blend seamlessly into the front grille. The front radar receiver was installed behind the front bumper.

The rear shifters were housed in pods to reside underneath each tail light assembly. We copied the curve of the tail light and applied that to our housing for a very natural look. The rear radar receiver was installed behind the rear bumper.

We created a steath display pod by the gauge cluster to house the Escort LCD. This pod was finished off in smoked acrylic to give the appearance of a factory display. Finally the controller was installed in the front storage pocket in a custom housing.

Go to our YouTube page to see the full testing results!