Conversion 1

This Model S came to us all the way from New Mexico to get a complete audio overhaul. We wanted it to stay simplistic in design while remaining fully functional and serviceable.
For the front stage we utilized the Focal Utopia 8″ midbass woofers, 3 -1/2″ midrange, and TBM tweeters. The front doors were fully sound treated with Hushmat, Soundshield and finished off with Blackhole Tiles. Custom speaker housings were fabricated to adapt our 8″ woofer into the factory location and set at the same angle. The backs of the door panels were also fully treated in Soundshield acoustic foam treatment. The OEM A-Pillars were modified to accept our tweeter to play on axis. Alcantara suede was sourced to refinish the pillar for an OEM finish. The midrange was utilized in the OEM locations on the dash. The rear speakers were left OEM, while fully treating the doors with Soundshield acoustic foam. Lastly, the interior was removed and the floor was treated with Soundshield.
For amplifiers, we chose Mosconi Pro. We used a Mosconi Pro 4/10 to power the front midrange and tweeter, Mosconi Pro 4/10 bridged to the front 8” midbass, Mosconi Pico2 to power the rears and a single Mosconi Pro 1/10 to power a single Utopia 10” subwoofer. A amp rack was made to look like a OEM step in the trunk floor. We created a flush mount insert that was removable in order to service the amplifiers and fusing. The front of the amp rack was deigned after the vinyl graphic on the outside of the vehicle. This acrylic lit up with RGB lights that were controlled to match with the rest of the interior accent lights.
The subwoofer enclosure was made from stacked Baltic Birch. We did this because we wanted to maximize airspace, while also maximizing hidden cargo space. With most Tesla’s I have worked on, the charging cable is always in random places. I wanted to use the hidden cargo space to house the charging cable. We created an alcantara insert on the bottom of this space, a rastered the Tesla charging logo into the suede. This area was the perfect size for a charging cable with accessories. The cover was built into the finished aesthetics of the enclosure, that way it blends into the design. The subwoofer enclosure was finished off in matching carpet and alcantara suede. Finally, a lit RGB trim ring finished off the subwoofer enclosure. A new floor insert was made with a grille to allow air to pass through from the subwoofer.
All of our signal ran through a Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP. Our factory Tesla signal ran through preset 1. Preset number two features a tune for our AMAS96K BT streaming. Preset 3 gives us an analog input from our Astell & Kern SP2000 Hi-Res DAP. The pocket under the MCU was modified to house our full size Mosconi Remote Control.
To protect the client from using his hard earned money to pay money hungry officers, we outfitted the vehicle with an Escort Max Ci 360. We outfitted the front end with four shifters which all sit behind IR acrylic. The display integrated into the DSP controller mount. A simple housing was made for the controller to sit in the center console tray.