OEM Stealth

This client brought us his Taycan to conceal his radar and laser defense system. The laser system was previously installed in the manner we typically see it……double side taped to the bumpers. The sensors were not level, not aimed down the road, and a complete eyesore. So we got to work to come up with a solution that would fit the design of his vehicle. New housings were made to conceal all the sensors. The front consists of (3) AL Priority sensors. A Escort Max Ci radar system was also added to offer the best radar detection. We added a front and rear radar receiver behind the front and rear bumper. For the rear shifters, the red reflectors were removed and a copy was made of IR acrylic. This gave a complete OEM appearance. The Escort Display was concealed inside a smoked acrylic housing which blends directly into the gloss black dashboard.