Conversion 2

This job came to us from a special client in Texas. We were asked to restore and and turn his Ford Excursion into an Executive Mobile Office. Previously a Becker Conversion, the vehicle was outfitted with completely outdated technology. With wired Nokia phones, VHS Player, and old school TV, it was due for an update.

We got to work and started by gutting the entire vehicle and wiring. We basically started with a fresh slate, while retaining some of the base panels (to help budget costs). With the old technology removed, we started by prioritizing the technology that we wanted to add.

We started by replacing the TV and rebuilding the partition to accept a 27″ LED TV. We wrapped the partition in Alcantara suede and trimmed the bottom of the TV with laser acrylic engraved with the clients company logo. Above the TV we added a speaker center housing 6″ Alpine Type X Component speakers. In the center we utilized a 4k Logitech Brio webcam. This is hooked to the mobile computer so the client can take conference cars while traveling. The speaker center was trimmed with multiple layers of acrylic and a pattern was design to include the Alpine logo. This design was used for each speaker we added to the vehicle. We then created multiple pieces of acrylic (at different depths) to trim the sides of the partition. We had to cover up light burlwood where the clear coat had cracked throughout. We chose to stick to a black and tan look for a modern design.

From the clients main seating position (Rear Passenger captains chair), we outfitted the area with a new Kenwood Double Din radio with wireless Carplay and Android Auto. This acts as the audio hub to all the sources that we added to the vehicle. We have the ability to play Apple TV 4K, DirectTV, Xbox One, and his PC. We outfitted each captain’s chair with a 20″ LED Monitor with the ability to hook up a PC. The clients side is hardwired directly to his PC and also has the ability for a dual monitor setup with the main TV. They also have the ability for a HDMI input to mirror their phone and play their own media. We utilized some home switching to take care of all the HDMI in and outputs to the TV and to the Kenwood radio. A Universal Remote was programed to easily control each source independently for a painless operation.

At the client’s seating position, he also has access to a two way intercom to which he can speak to his driver. This speaker in which he listens to the audio from the front is located right above the seating position. An Alpine themed grille was created in order to blend it into the chosen design. This switch for this intercom can be found flushed into the top of the radio mount, which sits right next to the bass knob. The client has full access to his wifi hotspot, keyboard, wireless charger, dimmer, controls for his motorized seat, partition, windows, auxiliary lighting and flip out tray right from his seat. The chair on the passenger side has the same features minus the radio and intercom.

We used the AV out of the Kenwood to send our video signal to the input of the flip down. That way the people sitting on the bench seat have the ability to watch what plays on the main TV or has the ability to play a DVD and listen via IR headphones.

On the back pillars you can find two Alpine 4″ speakers behind a custom grille. These act as our rear speakers. In the rear hatch doors, you can find two Alpine 10″ subwoofers behind a custom grille. This grille is designed use the customers company logo. Behind the rear captain’s chairs sits a full refrigerated cooler, along with an Xbox One and PC.

The headliner was finished off with Alcantara suede while we added custom black curtains for ultimate privacy. Our tint division tinted all windows with UV heat rejection film to help with the hot Texas temperatures. Aluminum door sills were milled to display the clients business logo. The rear wood panels (now satin black), were refinished and painted to conform to our new color pallet.

In the front of the vehicle (driver’s view), we removed all of the old electronics including radio and monitor. We added a frameless rear view mirror to display the back up camera at all times. We replaced the dash bezel and added the same Kenwood Radio that resides in the back. The inputs for this radio can be found on top of the console. A wireless charger was also added to this area while displaying the clients business logo. A speaker was flush mounted in the dash to be apart of the intercom system. A custom grille was created to fit into our new design. A panel was created to the left of the steering wheel to house the switching for the rear back up auxiliary lights, partition, intercom and intercom microphone. Behind the two front seats houses the resting spot for the inverter, HDMI switching, A/V switching, Tracvision hub, and IR hub. . We added a Tracvision A9 dish to the top of the vehicle. Finally, the headlights were replaced with a modern style headlight assembly with LED headlights and taillights.

With the amount of time we spend in vehicle now-a-days and work never stopping in our society…..this marks the perfect way to improve your day to day efficiency and to, quite frankly, travel like a baller.