HiFi 3

Our goal was to create the best listening atmosphere while keeping to a pretty strict budget. He also wanted something he could show off to his friends and or at a cars and coffee. We also wanted to keep the factory look and keep the car functional.

The front stage of most BMW’s are always a challenge. The front mid-bass resides under the front seats and the midrange sits waist high, aiming downward in the door panels. So we decided to install a set of Illusion c3cx point source speakers in the a-pillars. We rewrapped them with the OEM headliner material and trimmed the speaker with a press grille and aluminum ring. We swapped out the under seat woofers with the Focal replacements.

We used a JL Audio VXi800/8 DSP amplifier to power the front and rear speakers. The front 3 ways were ran fully active. We powered the OEM rear speakers with the final two channels of the VXi. This amplifier also gives you a adjustable preamp output which ran to a JL Audio HD750/1. This amplifier powered (2) JL Audilo 12TW3 subwoofers that were hidden under the rear floor board.

A MoBridge Interface was used to integrate into the factory MOST signal. This gave us the ability to have the cleanest signal possible from the factory unit. We also had a second preset which was connected to a Mosconi AMAS96 for Bluetooth streaming from the clients phone. A third preset was used to take analog input from an Astell & Kern SE100 DAP.

We trimmed above the birch subwoofer enclosure for a finished OEM appearance. We utilized aluminum, factory matching vinyl, gloss and matte black acrylic to match the interior. We designed the rear panel to be removable that way you can access the two batteries, system fusing, and LED RGB Controller. We used RGB that way we could dial in the light blue color to match the OEM accent lighting.