OEM Stealth

This client opted to get the best protection against laser and radar. So we outfitted him with a combination of Escort and AL Priority. We used an Escort Max CI front and rear radar system for the best radar protection. We designed and created a display that resides above his OEM Radio to house the Escort display as well as the ALP alert LED. We used smoked acrylic to cover the displays to have a completely OEM and stealth appearance. A housing was built and integrated in the center console to incorporate the ALP and Escort controllers. Magnets were embedded in the cover and the housing to create a way to completely hide the controllers. The pattern of the OEM rubber insert mat was used to finish off our added covers. AL Priority sensors were used to protect the front and rear of the vehicle for laser. The front uses a combination of two RX and a single TX sensor. The TX sensor was embedded and flushed into the bumper right under the front camera housing. Two pods were created to hold and conceal the RX sensors. IR Acrylic was used to stealth both into the bumper. The rear used two RX sensors. Matching pods were created to conceal these next to the taillights. IR acrylic was also used here for a stealth appearance.