HiFi 3

This Bentley came to us to install some customer supplied product. He installed car audio back in the day, and felt like the project was a bit too big. We integrated Focal 165KRX3’s into the front. Pillars had to be fabricated to mount the midrange and tweeters. Careful consideration was used of how the front midbass drivers appeared in the door. Matching leather was used to wrap the pillars and a hand machined polished aluminum ring was used to accent the speaker. The 6″ midbass woofer was integrated into the factory 6×9 front speaker housing with custom adapters. The doors were fully sound treated with a combination of Hushmat and SoundShield Acoustic mat.

A Mosconi 8to12 DSP Pro was used for signal integration. The DSP controller was housed in a custom pod which was housed under the radio. It used the same gloss piano black finish as the radio trim. The knob was removed and polished to match the other aluminum knobs in the vehicle. Three Morel amps were used to actively amplify all the speakers within the vehicle. One 5 channel powered both front midbass bridged as well as a single 10″ Boston Pro Subwoofer. The other 5 channel actively powered the rear midrange and tweeters as well as the other 10″ Boston Pro subwoofer. The four channel powered the front midrange and tweeter. All of the electronics sat on the back of the subwoofer enclosure on its dedicated amp rack. The subwoofer enclosure was mounted to the factory tie downs bolt locations which were reused in the finish trim panel. Multiple matching leathers (black, linen and linen perforated) as well as aluminum and gloss black accents were used to create a multi layered look to capture multiple design elements that you can find in the interior.

Finally a passthrough trim panel was made to relieve the air pressure from the well sealed trunk. This allows the air from the subwoofers to move into the cabin reducing the pressure, therefore reducing resonance that otherwise would occur in this location.