HiFi 2

This client contacted us through Instagram to complete a Musaic HiFi audio system in his dream car. With the audio setup, we kept it pretty simplistic. We used a Focal Flax 3 way setup for the front stage. A new front door grille was created to give enough clearance for the front of the woofer. The OEM grille was removed and repressed to fit in our newly created opening. A-pillars were then fabricated to house the mid and tweeter of the Focal Flax set. We ran the mid and tweeter passive through the Focal crossovers while bridging each Focal door woofer to our JL XD800/8. We used the final two channels of the 800/8 to power the factory rear speakers. For the low end, we powered two JL Audio 12w3 subwoofers that were house in a Baltic Birch enclosure.

The subwoofers fired towards the back of the seats and we utilized the position of the ski-pass to vent into the interior. A new trim was fabricated to accent the ski-pass opening to give it a finished look. A Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace was used to integrate into the OEM audio system while also giving us the ability to play music digitally, directly into the processor from our Astell & Kern DAP. Finally, a beauty panel was created behind the subwoofer enclosure to house all of the equipment and to accent the JL Amplifiers. We lasered the Bentley logo into an amber lit piece of acrylic to compliment the interior lighting scheme. A grille was made in front of the equipment for venting purposes. Access is retained for servicing both batteries in the rear.