HiFi 2

This client watched our YouTube video on our last Bentley build and wanted to do something similar. We landed on a budget with the client and then went to work.

The front stage uses a Focal Flax PS165FX run active off of a Focal FPX5.1200 D Class Amplifier. With budget it mind we were limited to options for the tweeter placement. With designing new pillars out of the budget and with the factory placement being less than optimal, we decided the on axis mount that come with the speaker set would work perfectly. With the angle of the pods, it angled the tweeters perfectly to the center of the listening area directly avoiding any glass in the vehicle. This made for terrific soundstage and image. Acrylic Speaker adapters were fabricated to mount our Focal Flax woofer into the OEM location. The door was addressed with sound treatment where needed.

The rear speakers were left factory and a crossover was added to retain both the woofer and tweeter. These speakers were run active through the factory amplifier. A Mosconi Pico2 amplifier was used to power these speakers.

A single Focal Flax 12″ SUB P 30F Subwoofer was used and powered off of the 5th Channel of the Focal FPX5.1200 Amplifier. A sealed enclosure was built and fired through the skipass between the rear seats.

We chose the Mosconi 8to12 Pro DSP to integrate into the factory signal. The factory pre-amp signal was a perfectly flat variable (non-dynamic EQ). This made for a great signal into our processor. A AMAS was used for digital streaming from his Astell & Kern SR15 player. We used the Mosconi Mini RC to change presets and adjust subwoofer volume. A custom mount was made to integrate it under the factory radio.

The amplifiers were hidden behind a custom fabricated beauty panel. Different elements of the car were infused into the design of our amp rack for a factory looking finish.