OEM Stealth

To keep the client ticket free, we outfitted the entire car with our OEM Stealth package. This consisted of an Escort Redline radar system along with an AL Priority laser defense system. The front of the vehicle is outfitted with 4 shifters in total. Two RX and two TX which are seamlessly blended into the front bumper. We also have the Escort front radar receiver installed behind the front bumper.

In the rear we created two complex pods that duplicate and extend the same shape as the tail lights. These sensor pods also house two RX and two TX sensors. Finally we have our rear Escort radar receiver installed behind the bumper.

In the interior, a stealth display was created over the rear view mirror. The housed the Escort display and the ALP led. Both our Escort and ALP controllers were installed under a stealth removable magnetic panel under the center console lid.