Stealth OEM

This gorgeous 2020 Porsche Panamera came in to get our integrated stealth radar and laser defense system. This system consists of AL Priority and NetRadar DSP.

We outfitted the front of the vehicle with two RX and a single TX sensor as well as a NetRadarDSP radar receiver. The rear is equipped with a single RX and TX, as well a NetRadar DSP radar receiver.

To make the sensors blend into the front, we fabricated three separate pods. Each pod enclosures and hides the sensor while allow the signal to pass through the outer layer of light emitting acrylic. This gives the idea that this added pod belongs on the car, rather than a single diffuser out in the open. The NetRadar DSP radar receiver was installed behind the plastic bumper right under the headlight.

The rear diffusers were fabricated into a new license plate frame. The shape of the frame follows the lines of the bumper. It is fully magnetic for quick serviceability. We paint matched the outer layer of light emitting acrylic to match the body color of the vehicle. This gives the idea that it came from Porsche like this and it is not an aftermarket add-on. The rear radar receiver sits behind the plastic bumper right under the tail light.

The main controller for the system sits in the OEM coin tray in a custom housing. A stealth cover was made to conceal the controller when not in use. The LED for the system sits into the gauge cluster housing. This gives the driver alert status while driving.