OEM Stealth

An Escort MaxCi (Radar) and AL Priority (Laser) defense system was installed. We fabricated a display right above the gauge cluster to house the Escort display. It resets right behind a smoked black acrylic window which sits flush in a custom Alcantara suede panel. Both controllers can be found under the front retractable coin tray. A new insert was made to cover both of the controllers when not in use.

Three front AL Priority diffusers were “stealthed” into the front grille. This includes two regular and one TX. The two rear diffusers were fabricated to be house into the OEM hatch handle. A jig was made to router the plastic that way we could load in a perfect fitting piece of acrylic. The gives a seamless integration without having to repaint the factory handle.

Finally, a speaker adapter was made to load into the OEM dash mid location. This would house the AL Priority system LED. When giving you alerts, it will reflect off the windshield right next to the heads up display giving you a totally integrated approach.