Conversion 1

Here is the our latest take on the Tesla Model S. This P100D was designed with a full Musaic Audiophile Conversion. We outfitted the system to utilize the factory OEM speaker locations. We laid out the front stage with a Focal Kevlar ES165KX2. The front doors were fully sound treated with HushMat. We treated the inner and outer door skin along with the inside of the door panel. A pair of acrylic speaker adapters were hand fabricated to mount our Kevlar woofer into the OEM speaker location. A pair of FAST Rings were used to seal the front of the speaker to the grille of the door. The tweeters were mounted in the factory location up on the a-pillars.

To maximize our budget, we kept the rear speakers factory. The front speakers were powered by a Mosconi 5/30 Amplifier. The first four channels (Class AB run the Focal Kevlar 2-Way speaker set completely active. The fifth channel (Class D) powered a Focal 10” Kevlar subwoofer. A Mosconi Pico amplifier was used to power the rear speakers. A Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace was used as our Digital Sound Processor. This insured that we had a flat and full range signal going into our amplifiers.

We fabricated a mount that hides under the lid of the sliding console lid to house our Mosconi Mini remote control. This is used to change presets and subwoofer volume. Preset 1 is used to listen and control the OEM radio sources. Preset 2 is used to pair with our AMAS 2 BT Chip. This used a toslink output to send a digital signal directly into our Mosconi DSP. This gives us the ability to pair digitally to the DSP giving the purest audio signal possible. We can pair any Bluetooth device including an iPhone, Android or Hi-Res DAP. In this case, we chose an Astell & Kern SR15 Hi-Res DAP to be our main source of audio.

To house the subwoofer, a custom fiberglass enclosure was made. Inspiration from the vehicles interior were used to outfit the enclosure. We utilized matching stained wood, Alcantara suede, vinyl, silver trim, and matte black acrylic. We cut the Tesla logo from acrylic and flushed it into the silver trim for a focal point. Under the wood insert sits a lit layer of acrylic to accent the grille. The grille was cut from a single layer of acrylic.

Hidden under the rear storage compartment resides our amplifier rack. Much like the subwoofer enclosure, we used matching materials to the inside of the vehicle. Multiple layers were created from the amplifier up to give a sense of depth. A matching Tesla logo was cut from acrylic and inserted into the wood finish to be the focal point of the amp rack. Two fans were mounted under the acrylic grille to circulate air through the amp rack. One of the fans is a push and one is a pull to maximize circulation. The OEM storage cover remains functional so you retain all of your trunk space. The full setup remains noninvasive to the vehicle and allows everything be returned to OEM without knowledge of anything ever being installed.