HiFi 2

Some of my favorite jobs are the ones you can get done within a few days. Our front stage consisted of Focal Flax 3 ways which run active from a JL VX800/8i DSP amplifier. The front speakers utilize OEM speaker locations. The tweeters reside in the a-pillars, midrange in the upper dash, and the woofers in the door. Speaker adapters were fabricated for the midrange and midbass woofers in order to emulate factory placement. Both front doors were sound treated with HushMat.

We chose the back rear storage area for placement of our equipment. Our subwoofer enclosure was fabricated from Baltic Birch and finished off with layers of carpet, gloss black acrylic and matching silver acrylic trim. We stacked our amplifiers to conserve space while allowing enough space in order to service the system fuses. Our JL iD Controller can be found below the arm rest of the center console. This controller adjusts master volume and subwoofer volume. The Tesla MCU uses non-dynamic Equalization. This means that you can keep the JL Master volume all the way up and use the Tesla volume as intended.

We finished off the amp rack with a removable service cover which protects and hides the equipment which can be found beneath. A fan was installed next to the amps to circulate the stale air from the electronics compartment. A open grille was designed in our service cover in order to move air out of the compartment.

Unlike some of the other builds you have seen us do, this one runs entirely off the Tesla MCU (meaning no digital or analog input from a phone or DAP). This still gives you tremendous sound quality over the OEM UHFS audio system. Completely non-intrusive, budget friendly and can easily be returned back to factory.