OEM Stealth

Our OEM Stealth radar and laser AL Priority package was outfitted on the vehicle. Two regular and one TX laser diffusers protect the front along with a NetRadar DSP receiver. When you use the a TX in the front, it turns the side RX sensors into recieve sensors only.
The center TX uses three diodes to transmit. The height is generally recommended at a minimum of 20″ to lower the chance of the TX sensor blinding itself with road reflections. We decided to make both versions of the front pod and rear plate to test the effectiveness of both. To much surprise, the system actually performed better using the TX at the lower than recommended height. Since there is a large contour to the front bumper, the side RX diffusers have to recess quite a bit to keep the aim directly straight with the vehicle. When doing this, the transmit diodes (non bubble side) is the part of the sensor that is recessed a bit. In our case where the side RX sensors are receive only, we have the bubble sitting near flush with the IR acrylic on the ends giving an open view to the front of the vehicle. This may explain why the TX setup in this car seemed to work better against a VPR gun.
Three separate IR acrylic pods were created to conceal the diffusers. A “sandwich” design was engineered so that no holes were made in the front bumper. The rear of the vehicle uses our magnetized license plate which conceals an additional TX and RX diffuser. A NetRadar DSP radar receiver was also utilized behind the rear bumper.