HiFi 1

This customer brought in his new Range Rover to add some bass. I added two 10″ JL Audio TW3 Subwoofers. I used these to conserve trunk space. The enclosure only comes out about 6 inches from the rear seats. The enclosure is removable very quickly by removing the two bolts where the OEM tie down were. The floor is still removable to gain access to the spare tire and battery.

The box is wrapped in a black matching leather. I used black acrylic and brushed aluminum to match the OEM dash materials. The grilles were made from acrylic and wrapped in 3m brushed aluminum film. I made a press grille and cover the outside in grille cloth. A thin brushed aluminum layer was used to break up the bottom and top beauty panel.

The three sections of the enclosure unbolt from each other using 1/4-20 stainless hardware. The layout consists of a traditional subwoofer enclosure and a 3D beauty panel. The beauty panel uses a Mobile Solutions 2 arch and is framed with PVC Sintra and filled with 2 part foam. The OEM weather mat was cut back in to form fit the front of the enclosure.