OEM Stealth

This client brought us his Alpina B7 to upgrade his old radar and laser system. He needed something that works against the most current technology as well as not falsing with every car on the road that uses collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control.

We choose to use AL Priority and NetRadar to complete his defense package. We use our OEM Stealth installation for the front end of the vehicle. This gives a proper mount as well as ghosting the diffuser. We used two AL Priority diffusers and a TX in the center. We installed the TX in the lower portion of the kidney grille. We used a dummy stealth plate on the opposing kidney grille to balance the grilles. The two regular diffusers were installed in the upper portion of the lower grille opening. We used our stealth covers to completely conceal the diffusers.

We utilized NetRadar DSP radar heads to have the ability to filter and narrow certain bands to create a better experience for the client. Both of these reside behind the front and rear bumpers. Two AL Priority diffusers were mounted on the rear of the vehicle using our OEM standard mount system. They are not concealed from view, but are perfectly level and aligned towards the road.

Our controller was fabricated into the same area the old controller existed. We made a new acrylic mount to house the controller and LED (per the customers request), as well as a flush mount USB which is used to update the system software.