HiFi 3

This client drove over 1,000 miles from Canada to create a unique audio experience in his new BMW X5. He wanted to keep everything in OEM locations and still have the entire car functional and serviceable. So we did everything behind the scenes of the car. All system fuses and main power are easily accessible behind the driver rear removable panel in the trunk. This was a great location to install our Mosconi DSP along with the MoBridge DA2. We also installed a switch to make the MoBridge invisible when the car is taken to the dealer for service.

Under the rear floor we have our subwoofer enclosure housing two JL Audio 10TW3 Subwoofers. We have our four Mosconi Amplifiers (two hidden) trimmed out and lit up with a matching orange light under acrylic. We tracked down the factory materials to finish off the rear to wrap our accent panels in black and mocha brown. Somewhere on the installation, the client wanted me to “sign the artwork”, so I chose the spot in the bottom center where the trim comes together. A removable floor was made to access and service the OEM batteries. This panel was made with accent lines and finished off with the “M” logo. The orange lighting that we used was designed to match the OEM accents lights inside the car.

Front Stage
Focal ES 100K – 4″ Component *Active*
Focal IFBMW-Subv2 – Underseat Woofers *Active*

Focal ES100K – 4″ Component *Passive*

(2) JL Audio 10TW3

MoBridge DA2 (OEM Amplifier Replacement)
Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP

Mosconi AS 100.4 (Front 4″ Active)

Mosconi AS 200.2 (Subwoofers)
Mosconi AS 100.2 (Underseat Woofers)
Mosconi AS 100.2 (Rear)

OEM Radio