HiFi 2

This client made the trip 200 miles from Virginia Beach to take care of his audio system in his Tesla. Knowing we have done quite a few, he gave us the opportunity to design something special for him.

In the front we used a set of Illusion Carbon C6 Components. They are housed in a hand fabricated PVC adapter to match the angle of the factory speakers. We applied sound dampening to the inner and out door skins.

For the rear speakers we used a set of Focal PC165 that were also housed in their own hand fabricated PVC adapter, made to match the OEM angle.

We ran the front and rear speakers active off a Focal FDP900.6. A Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace DSP was used to integrate the Tesla signal into our amplifiers. A single JL Audio HD750/1 was used to power the Illusion Carbon C10XL subwoofer. A housing was made for the amplifier to tuck it in the dead space under the subwoofer enclosure. A Fiio X7 Mark II Hi-Res DAP was used as it’s own source paired to an AMAS2 module.

Everything was concealed under a OEM looking false floor. The floor attaches with magnets for easy serviceability.

A switch was connected to the factory center channel to allow audio to passthrough when needed for listening to the AMAS source. This still gives you access to hearing Autopilot warnings, turn signals, bluetooth and navigation while using the digital source.

Finally we have a Illusion Carbon C10XL Subwoofer that was housed in a custom fabricated enclosure. We matched the customers exterior wrap to bring it into the enclosure. We have 3 layers of acrylic (Gloss Black, Matte Graphite, Matte Graphite). The edges of the enclosure are wrapped in matching black vinyl and carpet. We use fidelity mesh to match the door speaker grilles. A lit Tesla “T” was used to act as the focal point of the enclosure.