Conversion 1

Here is the latest Musaic Audiophile Conversion. We had the luxury of building out a wonderful system for a client that found us through YouTube. He made the trek all the way from Ohio.

Starting with the front stage, we installed a set of Focal No. 7 – 3 Way Utopias. We modified and fabricated the a-pillars to house the mid and tweeter from the N0. 7 Kit. The pillars were wrapped in a matching leather. The mid bass woofer’s were installed in the Soundskins treated front doors. PVC speaker adapters were fabricated to mount the speaker to the factory bolt points. The inside door skins were also treated with Blackhole Tile. We chose the Focal IC165TOY speakers for a seamless plug and play drop in. The rear doors were also finished off these doors with Soundskins Lite treatment.

To adapt to the OEM signal, we pulled the signal off the hi-level outputs from the factory amplifier and input it directly into the Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP. The entire system was run active and powered by two Mosconi Pro 5/30 – 5 Channel amplifiers. On the 5th channel of each amp we powered an Illusion C10XL Subwoofer. These amplifiers were absolutely amazing! You will probably see these become our staple in OEM Integration audiophile systems. Channels 1-4 are Class AB while the 5th Channel is a Class D that produces a measured 680 Watts on a 4 ohm load. Preset 1 of the DSP was set to run the OEM Radio while Preset 2 was used to run our Astell & Kern SP1000 DAP for the ultimate listening experience.

In the trunk of the vehicle we hand fabricated all of the panels to accent and subtly display our product. We wanted a clean and tasteful look that remained fully functional. A carpeted removable floor insert covers the sight of both Mosconi Pro 5/30 Amplifiers mounted under the lit acrylic amp rack. The two top carpeted inserts are fully removable via recessed locking magnets to gain access to the DSP, factory jack, lug tray, first aid kit and jack accessories. This opening also still allows quick and easy access for taillight replacement. A grille was made from acrylic and stacked to create the one of a kind highlight piece for the aesthetics of the trunk. The two Illusion Carbon 10XL Subwoofers sit lit up directly behind it. The trunk panels were wrapped in a matching leather. Finishing off the material selection was acrylic, carpet and matching tan vinyl.