Conversion 2

This was a very challenging job in order to get all of the “huge footprint” items installed where it looked OEM all put together.

The product list was:

– (2) Mosconi Zero 3 Amplifiers (Front Stage)
– (1) Mosconi Zero 1 Amplifier (Subwoofers)
– (1) Mosconi PICO Amplifier (Rear Stage)
– (1) Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP
– (2) Illusion Carbon C8 Woofers (Front Stage)
– (1) Illusion Carbon C3 CX Point Source (Front Stage)
– (1) Illusion Carbon C6 CX Speakers (Rear Stage)
– (2) Illusion Carbon C12XL Subwoofers
– (1) Pac Audio AP4-CH41 OEM Amplifier Interface
– (1) MOS-BTS
– Focal BAMXL Sound Dampening
– Blackhole Foil Sound Dampening
– Blackhole Tile

The front speakers are an Illusion Carbon C8. This 8″ woofer needed a good amount of work to adapt to the OEM plastic molded door panel. I made a new grille to accent the speaker. The speaker is lit with a RGB halo ring that sits under the acrylic bracket that hovers over the speaker. The trim was wrapped in matching leather. Two pieces of 1/8 acrylic were molded together to create the trim ring. The trim was poly primered and paint matched to the factory OEM trim color.

The A-Pillars were fabricated to house an Illusion AudioCarbon C3 CX point source. A piece of PVC was heat molded to the pillar to give it the body line. An acrylic trim ring was painted to match the OEM interior trim and a press grille to finish. It was wrapped in Alcantara Suede.

A Mosconi ZERO 1 was mounted to a custom mount behind the rear passenger panel. A new “removable” trim with press grille was made to cover, but gain access to the amplifier in its installed state.

The Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace and Mosconi PICO amplifier were installed behind the rear driver panel. A new “removable” trim with press grille was made to cover the DSP and amp but give access to service the equipment.

A fiberglass mold was taken of trunk floor and then stacked upward with Birch until the necessary airspace was created for the two Illusion Carbon C12XLs. The enclosure was then wrapped in black carpet and coated with a layer of Focal BAM sound dampening. The two Mosconi ZERO 3 amplifiers for the front stage were mounted on top of the enclosure towards the air ride tank. A press grille from two halves of 4″ PVC pipe was made to create a half circle press. It was backed with Alcantara suede so the amplifiers wiring would not be visible. A “Summit” logo on aluminum floats in the center which is back lit with matching RGB. Two LED lights shine from both side to give the grille depth. Acrylic trim was then made from the subwoofers up to the finished matching leather panel.

The final trim was made from a piece of PVC that houses 3 painted acrylic inserts. One to trim out the amplifiers (flush mounted on top), one to trim out the Summit logo (flush mounted on top), and one to trim out the subwoofers (bottom mounted).
Magnets are mounted all around the bottom exterior of the panel, securely mounting it to the rear tub tray. The whole panel pulls off quickly to service the subwoofers and amplifiers. The OEM floor then falls in place over all the equipment for a completely hidden OEM look.