HiFi 2

Shout out to this long time YouTube subscriber. After seeing various systems we have completed, he wanted to treat himself to one that he can call “his”. We kept the product list simple and used the Focal Integration BMW specific drivers for ease of installation and labor.

The front stage consisted of Focal IFBMW-SUBv2 (Under seat Mid-Bass) and IFBMW-S (4″ component) which all run active. All of these drivers are specific to BMW and bolt into the factory locations. We utilized the OEM 4″ components for the rear fill. All of our speakers run fully active from a JL VXi800/8 amplifier. This amplifier has a built in DSP which takes care of our time alignment, EQ and crossovers for our speakers. It also has a EQ’d pre-amp output that runs to our JL Audio RD500/1. This amplifier runs our 12″ Focal Flax subwoofer. An Audison Bit DMI (MoBridge DA1) was used to be our (pre-amp) signal interface. A toslink cable connects our Bit DMI to our JL VXi800/8.

A fascia was created around our subwoofer enclosure to give that OEM factory feel and is branded as if this were a Focal system upgrade from BMW. A elongated arched grille trims and protects our Focal subwoofer. We sourced a mesh material to match the OEM speaker grilles. Finally, another fascia was made in order to trim out the ski-hole area. Since there are no pass throughs in the rear deck, this area is vital to move air from the trunk into the cab. The fascia provides a finished look that continues to allow air to move through this area.