HiFi 2

This one was a pretty simplistic audio upgrade. This Maserati was pretty outdated and the sound was absolutely lacking. The front stage consisted of only a pair of 3.5″ speaker on the dash. So in order to start the upgrade, we needed to come up with a solution to house our 6″ mid-bass woofer. We fabricated a pod that bolts directly to the door panel and frame to give us a solid mount. We designed a magnetized speaker grille out of acrylic to conceal our Illusion c6 speaker. The tweeters were mounted in the factory dash locations.

We removed the OEM subwoofer in the rear deck to create a pass through. This was done so air can move from the trunk into the cabin for our subwoofer. We retained the OEM rear speakers. The variable, low-level, signal was used to feed our Mosconi 8to12 pro DSP. We had the front Illusion c6 running active, while also powering the OEM rear speakers and JL Audio 10TW3 subwoofer. The subwoofer was hidden underneath the trunk floor in a baltic birch enclosure. An amp rack was made to house our Mosconi DSP, Alpine 5ch amp, and Mosconi Pico2 Amplifier. A simple but elegant acrylic trim was made to finish off the area. A removable service panel was inset in the top of the trim that was all components can be accessed without taking anything apart.

We coupled the OEM radio with a NAV-TV Tooki interface for Hands Free Bluetooth and a RGB interface for back up camera ability. We also paired our DSP with a Mosconi AMAS96 for A2DP high quality streaming. This gives him some modern features without the cost of fabricating the dash to include a modern day radio.