This client found us through our YouTube channel on a previous Excursion center console that we built. He did not want to buy a new truck for $80k and just would rather bring his 01 Excursion into the modern era. So we emailed back and forth about the different options that are available in the aftermarket world and quickly came up with a plan. My job was to incorporate all of this tech into a custom built center console, and have it still look like a modern type OEM console. Accent lighting , CB Radio, USB’s, power inverter, wireless charging, heated seat switching for the rear, and a large docking station for phones / ipad were all apart of the criteria.

The kicker to the job was that he previously had work done at another shop to install a overhead DVD and relocation of his rear HVAC control module. It was a complete disaster and would need some major fabrication and TLC to correct this. (See pics). We created a new panel that bolted to the upper crossmembers above the headliner and rewrapped it in matching headliner material that we sourced from Detroit. It flushed in half of the overhead 13″ monitor while giving an appropriate mount for the HVAC Control module.

The radio was an Alpine Halo 9 that integrated into the flipdown DVD player. We could use a phone, tablet, apple tv, or Roku to connect to any of the 3 HDMI inputs to have access to live content. A blind spot turn signal camera interface was installed to give the user the ability to see the side of the truck when he tows his camper.

The console was constructed from PVC and acrylic to keep it light weight, all weather and durable. It bolts into the factory locations under the storage of the center console lid and utilizes the OEM mounts from the existing panel that bolted to the dash. A 12 pin molex harness was used to create a plug and play ability for easy serviceability that can be found under two hidden doors from the tablet area. Under the removable finished tablet area that contains the wireless charger, you can find access to the USB Hub along with the HDMI and USB input for the Alpine Halo 9 radio. Below this layer is another removable insert that gives you access to the plugs for the console. We engineered the console to have the ability to service or add anything to the console without having to remove it.

We installed four Autoloc billet switches that surround the CB Radio. One is used to power up the RGB accent lighting for the front and back footwells. One is to push the video of the front camera to the Alpine Halo 9 radio. We have two Aux switches that were wired for future use. We sourced a factory F250 deep cupholder and trimmed it with acrylic (that lights up) and integrated that into our console. We have an insert that you can easily remove for cleaning of the acrylic if something were to spill. The cupholder has rubber inserts that are also removable for easy cleaning. For the storage under the center console lid, we stacked multiple layers of PVC to create plenty of depth for storage. We hid a white LED strip at the top for ambient lighting at night. At the bottom lays a false floor for storage of your most valuable objects…..if it were my console, this is where I would conceal my stash of Big League Chew (see pics). We wrapped this area in black Alcantara suede. We also rastered a design into the suede with our laser to give the feeling of a production part.

In the back of the console you can find the power switch for our 600w pure sign inverter, outlet plugs, HDMI input into the flipdown dvd player, HDMI ports, a good ol’ fashioned cigarette lighter plug and the switches to our 2nd row heated seats. We used multiple layers of acrylic to finish off the rear removable panel. The base layer lights up green with parking lights on, while the rest trim around the surrounding areas. This entire panel is removable to gain access to the rear components and wiring (see pics).

The console was finished off in matching vinyl, carpet, painted acrylic inserts, lit acrylic inserts, and Alcantara suede. We repaired and recovered the front captains chairs and second row seating with Katzskin seat covers. While we did this, were were able to add heated seats to the second row, and replace the front row with new heating elements. The seats were previously destroyed when it first came to us (see pics).

At the end of the day, the console came together nicely and fit the area perfectly. It had a great OEM feel along with having an OEM fit and finish. There was a ton of engineering that went into how it would go together, how it would come apart, and how to make it easily serviceable for the customer. We were also able to maximize our space and have many hidden layers (with practicality).